Maker Faire New York Is Coming

Maker Faire is just around the corner and we have tickets!

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Maker Faire New York is just a few short weeks away and, needless to say (I'm going to say it anyways), we are pretty dang excited. For those that don't know, Maker Faire is a wonderful gathering of like-minded individuals who come together to share ideas, show off their projects, and just look at some pretty cool stuff. Everyone is united under the common moniker of "makers." Whether that is someone who makes a quilt out of recycled chip bags, or someone who makes a working Tesla Coil, the scope and range of the projects is mind-boggling.

So yeah, if you want to go, we can't blame you - these epic events are worth seeing. Fortunately, we have tickets! The face value of these tickets is $25 - we have them for $10. But wait, there's more!

In reality, you're not only getting a MFNY ticket, but a t-shirt. It works like this - buy a ticket and we'll ship you a specially marked Maker Faire ticket. Take it to our booth and we'll hook you up with a SparkFun t-shirt (which is normally $10 anyways). Our goal here is definitely not to make money, but to simply encourage the SparkFun community to attend (there is nothing that makes our day like talking with our customers). We'll be running our soldering workshops as well, so if if you want to try your hand at some soldering, come see us! Hope to see you out there!

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  • Alas, all gone.
    The tears, they roll down our faces.
    Must stop soon, before they rust out some traces.
    Now if I can just muster up for a 250 mile trip... and a pile of cash for little bits of toys.

  • I'm curious, why didn't Sparkfun come to the Detroit Maker Faire?

    • We decided to do the MF in Aspen. Can't do them all. New York will be a blast though.

  • Darn it, why couldn't you have posted this a few days ago! I just bought tickets for my whole family at full price!

  • Will you have enough shirts? I got a free sparkfun shirt at the san mateo maker faire one time, but all you had left were extra large! I dont remember the circumstances exactly, but I know I was never promised a free one that time, so maybe this will be different. But for people buying into this deal, you should make sure they get their size! Maybe have them pick a size when they buy the ticket?

  • Awesome! Can't wait to attend my Maker Faire.
    Will more information regarding the SparkFun booth (such as the location, specific workshops, etc.) be announced as the event gets closer?

  • So when are we going to have a Maker Faire Denver?

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