Working With WiFi

Let's explore a brief history of WiFi, how it works, and most importantly, how you can implement it into your next project.

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WiFi is ubiquitous. It’s in our homes. We look for it in our coffee shops. We expect it whenever we go to an airport or check into a hotel. For most people, simply knowing it’s there is enough. But for many of us, especially from engineers to makers to students, we want to know more. What exactly is WiFi and how does it work? But more importantly, how can I use WiFi in my projects?

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We realize these are all common questions people have when thinking about WiFi, so, we made a page that gives a broad overview of this huge topic!

Topics we cover:

  • What does WiFi stand for?
  • A brief history of WiFi
  • How WiFi works
  • Physical Computing with WiFi
  • WiFi's role in IoT
  • A project to get you started!

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