Elektor Has Two New Shows!

Our friends over at Elektor recently launched Elektor Engineering Insights and Elektor LabTalk.

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Our friends over at Elektor Magazine recently launched two new shows to discuss a range of topics in the huge world that is electronics. Looking to learn more about Elektor Magazine? Check out their tag to learn more!

Elektor Engineering Insights

Elektor Engineering Insights is a show for those who want to stay in the know and hear from electronics industry experts. Join Stuart Cording (Editor, Elektor) and industry experts for conversations about engineering challenges and their potential solutions. Audience members can send in questions during the show to receive live feedback and solutions. (How cool is that?)

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Tune in monthly to the live conversation via LinkedIn, Twitter, and the Elektor TV channel on YouTube. If you're interested in joining Elektor as a guest, or have a topic you'd like them to cover, simply get in touch at stuart.cording@elektor.com.

The next episode on June 8, 2022 at 4 PM CEST will focus on Embedded & IoT topics in preparation for a special episode from the tradeshow floor at Embedded World 2022!

Elektor LabTalk

For our DIY crowd, Elektor’s other new show, "Elektor LabTalk," features Elektor Lab team engineers and editors as they talk shop, share engineering tips, and more! Mathias Claussen (Senior Engineer, Elektor) and Jens Nickel (Editor in Chief, Elektor) take you on deep dives into a wide range of topics, including rapid prototyping, embedded programming, DIY microcontroller projects, retro electronics, and lab equipment.

Light blue background with ElektorTV logo in upper left and text that reads Elektor LabTalk, Jens Nickel, and Mathias Claussen with head shots of both

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  • Thanks for promoting the Engineering Insights show! It's always great to get feedback and questions from our audience as, at the end of the day, it's your engineering challenges we're looking to solve. #electronicsinfluencer

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