SparkFun Joins Silicon Labs and Elektor For Matter Webinar

There was a time when working on home automation projects meant committing to a specific ecosystem. But with the recent introduction of Matter — an open-source protocol that enables seamless communication between IoT devices — you now have more options. Join Elektor, SparkFun, and Silicon Labs on August 24, 2023 for an insightful webinar, "A Matter of Collaboration: Developing with the Thing Plus Matter Board and Simplicity Studio."

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Ever since the soft rollout of Matter and Thread last year, the world is slowly but surely moving towards wide-scale adoption of this unifying technology. In March, we released our SparkFun Thing+ Matter Board, which makes sense given our constant quest to explore new and exciting technologies. At SparkFun, we don't just release products and forget about them - we follow up product releases with ongoing documentation, resources and support, and that matters to us (check out our resource list at the bottom for more of our Matter content). To that, we're teaming up with the awesome teams over at Elektor and Silicon Labs to deliver a webinar on using Matter in Simplicity Studio to help our customers accelerate their IoT development journey. Full Cheeky Title:

A Matter of Collaboration: Developing with the Thing Plus Matter Board and Simplicity Studio

So, what's in it for you. If you are interesting in this technology or looking to develop with Matter, this webinar is a you-should-go-to-this-free-event kind of thing. And, if that isn't compelling enough, we will be giving away 5 bundles of 1x SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board + 1x Google Nest Hub to lucky webinar attendees.

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Learn more about Matter ahead of the Webinar:

Pick up your own Matter Board today!

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P


What to Expect, Topics, etc.:

  • Understanding the paradigm shift: Learn how Matter is revolutionizing the IoT landscape by enabling seamless communication between IoT devices.
  • Breaking free from ecosystem limitations: Discover how to develop IoT applications without being bound to a specific ecosystem thanks to Matter's interoperability.
  • Exploring the Thing Plus Matter Board: Learn about the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Development Board and its features, designed to facilitate Matter-compatible development.
  • Simplifying development with Simplicity Studio: Gain insights into Simplicity Studio IDE from Silicon Labs, a powerful tool that streamlines the development process for creating IoT applications.
  • Hands-on demonstration: Follow along as the presenters guide you through developing a small Matter-compatible demo application using the Thing Plus Matter Board and Simplicity Studio.
  • Unleashing creativity in IoT projects: Learn how to create projects that are both informative and entertaining.
  • Practical tips and best practices: Acquire valuable insights and practical tips from industry experts to enhance your IoT development workflow and optimize collaboration.
  • Interactive Q&A session: Engage directly with the presenters during the Q&A session to address any questions or concerns you may have about Matter, IoT development, or related topics.

Thanks for reading. We'll see you there!

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  • Member #134773 / last year / 1

    Too bad the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P is on "backorder". With the Webinar being 2 weeks out, that would be plenty of time for shipping... oh well, guess I'll just have to watch the webinar without it.

    • Chowdah / last year / 2

      Hey 773, we have more incoming so check back soon! Or, maybe you'll win one if you go to the webinar and won't even need to buy one!

      • Member #134773 / last year / 1

        Checked this evening -- Aug. 14 -- and found they're "in stock". (Thought I'd set a "send me an e-mail when back in stock", but didn't see it [yet].) Oh well... ordered two, along with a few other things, just before midnight on Aug. 14!

        • Member #134773 / last year / 1

          i was at a ham radio club meeting a few hours ago, and someone asked "is anyone here familiar with SparkFun?" I immediately stuck up my hand and said "I haven't ordered from them in at least 12 hours!", which got a good laugh (and some ribbing from some of the other guys that I should "leave some stuff for the rest of them!"

      • Member #134773 / last year / 1

        Hopefully I won't oversleep -- I'm NOT a "morning person"! ;-)

  • Member #134773 / last year / 1

    FWIW, "CEST" is UTC+2:00, so 16:00 CEST is 07:00 MST (Arizona) time. (Yes, I had to look up CEST on Wikipedia. Other time zones are left as an exercise for the reader.)

    • Chowdah / last year / 1

      What would be the fun in me translating CEST for the readers haha

      • Member #134773 / last year / 1

        Besides the wildfires, it makes me glad I don't live in Hawai'i -- the webinar is at 4:00 AM Hawai'i time! (BTW, they, along with most of Arizona, are wise enough to NOT do Daylight Savings[sic] Time.)

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