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Or do, we aren't your parent. This week, we have a new 8 Channel Level Shifter, a version of our famous OpenLog Artemis, and some new USB-C cables, and we'll see what SparkX is up to!

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Hello and welcome to another Friday Product Post here at SparkFun Electronics! This week, we have another motley crew of new products to show off, and it all starts with two new SparkFun Original Boards, the 8 Channel Level Shifter utilizing the TXS01018E and the OpenLog Artemis (without IMU). Both of these boards are products of the times so be sure to check them out to see how they differ from their cousins! Following those, we have a new Qwiic PC Fan Controller from SparkX, as well as two new Fast Charging USB-C Cables with LCDs! Now, let's jump in and take a closer look at this week's new products!

SparkFun Level Shifter - 8 Channel (TXS0108E)

SparkFun Level Shifter - 8 Channel (TXS0108E)


The SparkFun 8 Channel Level Shifter features the TXS01018E 8-bit, bi-directional logic level translator from Texas Instruments. This board allows you to easily shift logic between devices running at different common microcontroller voltages such as 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V. The TXS0108E can transmit data between ports at max speeds of 110Mbps (push/pull) or 1.2Mbps (open drain) so you can use a 3.3V SPI device with a 5V microcontroller, like the SparkFun RedBoard Plus, without sacrificing data transmission speeds.

SparkFun OpenLog Artemis (without IMU)

SparkFun OpenLog Artemis (without IMU)


The SparkFun OpenLog Artemis is an open source data logger that comes preprogrammed to automatically log GPS, serial data, and various pressure, humidity, and distance sensors - all without writing a single line of code! OpenLog Artemis, or "OLA," automatically detects, configures, and logs Qwiic sensors. The OLA is specifically designed for users who just need to capture a lot of data to a CSV and get back to their larger project.

This version of OpenLog Artemis has the ICM-20948 IMU sensor removed as the IC is becoming increasingly difficult to locate. This version still supports auto-detection and logging of over a dozen sensors and GNSS receivers.

Qwiic PC Fan Controller

Qwiic PC Fan Controller


Whether for active cooling or ventilation, a tiny fan can make a big difference. And by that logic a big fan can make an even bigger difference! The Qwiic PC Fan Controller allows you easily control almost any PC fan over the Qwiic bus using the on board ATtiny microcontroller and control firmware. The control firmware monitors the tachometer output of the fan in order to implement PI Control over the fan speed, allowing you to set your desired speed in real units. It's also possible to disable the PI control loop and set the speed as a proportion of the maximum.

RTK Facet Kit Carrying Case

RTK Facet Kit Carrying Case


The RTK Facet Carrying Case helps protect your valuable high-precision GNSS receiver from the harsh elements in the field. Custom slots are molded into the case for the RTK Facet receiver, a 915MHz radio + antenna, as well as a large open slot for power supplies, cables, and adapters. It's almost as if we are planning a new product... hmm...

Fast Charging USB C to C Cable with LCD - 4ft (100W)

Fast Charging USB C to C Cable with LCD - 4ft (100W)

Fast Charging USB A to C Cable with LCD - 4ft (6A)

Fast Charging USB A to C Cable with LCD - 4ft (6A)


Charging or powering your USB Type C device can be daunting. Finding a cable that fits both your interface and provides safe power levels is a new challenge presented with USB Type C. These 4ft long USB Type A to Type C or USB Type C to Type C cables from USAMS fit the bill at a great price with some extra cool features. The power draws can be seen on an LCD screen built into the USB Type C connector.

That's it for this week. As always, we can't wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we'll see you next week with even more new products!

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    With the caveat that I don't currently need any datalogging systems, I am pleased to see the OpenLog Artemis available without the IMU, as I can think of a LOT of use cases where an IMU is superfluous! I was also pleased to see that it's capable of logging based on a trigger - sometimes the onlly thing that's needed is the timestamp from said trigger! One such would be logging the date and time when a Magnetic Door Switch is opened or closed -- the IMU isn't likely to see much useful data!

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