Single Pair Ethernet? Yes - It’s Big for Industrial Automation and Changes the Game In Terms of Efficiency, Reliability, Costs and Speed

Take a look at this annotated resource list to better understand 10BASE-T1L SPE - what it is, why it matters, and use cases.

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Earlier this month, we released new 10BASE-T1L Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) prototyping tools - a new MicroMod Function Board and a kit that includes everything needed to get started. These tools offer industrial ready, robust network connectivity for a wide variety of challenging environments. This new connectivity capability facilitates the use of predictive maintenance, Industrial IoT (IIoT), and the gathering of meaningful operational data for automation across the entire industrial enterprise.

Since then, we have had many inquiries from people who want to know more about SPE. Essentially, in contrast to multi-pair ethernet, 10BASE-T1L SPE:

  • Uses two copper wires for both power and data transmission (our new board only does data transmission - we may add power over ethernet in a later iteration)
  • Offers thinner cable diameter, which results in reduced weight, faster installation and reduced costs
  • Provides a smaller, simplified connector, taking up less space on a PCB, simplifying design and increasing connector stability
  • Enables easier sensor integration without additional gateways or interfaces and simplifies communication from sensor to local server or cloud
  • Offers increased range - up to 1000 meters!

Annotated Resource List - 10BASE-T1L Single-Pair Ethernet

Below, please find an annotated resource list of SPE resources - it comprises introductory information, applications, and more advanced information and presentations.

Harting SPE Symposium 2021 (video, ~1.5 hours) - This video captures the 2021 SPE Symposium from Harting. The introduction reviews what SPE is and why it is different; outlines some benefits, particularly in terms of speed, distance, and reliability; looks at SPE’s role in supporting industry 4.0; and introduces applications in UAV, autonomous vehicles, process automation, and mobile robotics. Then the video transitions to panel speakers discussing specific use cases, cables, connectivity, magnetics, and semiconductors.

Würth Elektronik Application Note: Single Pair Ethernet for Industrial Applications (PDF, 11 pages) - This white paper reviews the evolution of ethernet from four pair to single pair, walks through the hardware and components (cables and connectors), filter topologies, and overall benefits and applications for SPE.

Hischler: Single-Pair Ethernet - Enhanced Cloud Access to Sensors and Peripherals (multi-part technical blog) - This content is a great primer for SPE and includes the evolution of ethernet and SPE, deployment characteristics, market potential, and systems adoptions - with a focus on process and factory automation.

Analog Devices: New Single Pair Ethernet: High Quality Asset Health Insights and Power on Two Wires for Condition Monitoring Applications (PDF, 3 pages) - This article focuses on connectivity, range, and power for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. It discusses how SPE resolves some long-standing challenges in communication/data transmission from sensor to either a private server or the cloud.

Würth Elektronik Webinar: Single Pair Ethernet filter design for industry (video, ~37min) - This webinar compares multi-pair vs single-pair ethernet and shows examples and detailed measurements for the filter design from connector to PHY chip to fulfill all requirements regarding signal integrity and safety according to IEEE802.3cz (10BASE-T1) and IEEE 802.3bw (100BASE-T1).

SPE Industrial Network’s Technology Overview, Applications Snapshot, and Resource List (website) - The SPE Industrial Network is a large group of companies committed to the reliable, coordinate establishment of the entire future SPE ecosystem, standards for transmission protocols, cabling and device components. They provide quite a bit of information on their web site about the overall technology, applications, and quality resources.

MicroMod Single-Pair Ethernet Function Board - Digi-Key Product Highlight Page (new product highlight page) - This page from Digi-Key not only provides information on the new MicroMod Function Board, but also provides several links to additional informational resources in the right navigation.

Want to Learn More? Attend Our Webinar on June 8th

If you would like to hear more about 10BASE-T1L SPE from industry experts and see a cool demo, be sure to register for this June 8th webinar that Digi-Key is hosting, with presenters from Analog Devices, Harting, Würth Elektronik, and SparkFun.

Learn More & Register for Webinar

Ready to Start Prototyping with 10BASE-T1L SPE? Here are some helpful tools

Here are the two tools we just released - they are great for data transmission but do not do power over ethernet (we may do that in a later iteration).

SparkFun MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Function Board - ADIN1110

SparkFun MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Function Board - ADIN1110

$49.95 $26.47

SparkFun MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Kit


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