Zigbee Sort Of

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As much as I dislike adhering to a fad, we now have 802.15.4 compliant wireless modules. Remember, there's nothing magical about 802.15.4 (or the mesh protocol nick-named Zigbee). It's just an RF stack. But once we saw the specs for the JN5121 (low-power, 32-bit, 21 GPIO + 4 ADCs + 2 DACs!) we just couldn't say no.

These new 802.15.4 boards from Jennic are not cheap, but they're loaded with functionality.

And once we added the new Jennic/Zigbee modules, the wireless category was huge! So you'll now find many new subcategories to help you navigate through the Wireless module selection.

We've got 6 new boards in from Olimex but I haven't even got a moment to post them all. Here's a few for today:

New Microchip Ethernet controller breakout! The ENC28J60 has everything you need to get your toaster onto the net.

New AVR board with relays and the ATMega16. Now you can control 4 toasters over the net!

More soon - MSP-169LCD, PIC-LCD, SAM7-H256, SAM7-MT256.

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