How to Build an ML-powered Doorbell Notifier

Sandeep Mistry uses a SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus to combine real-time audio, AI/ML, DSP, and Wi-Fi connectivity technologies together to get notified when your doorbell rings while you're away.

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Arm engineer-extraordinaire Sandeep Mistry hit us with a fantastic project today on Hackster. On his inspiration, Sandeep said his "colleague David Henry recently built a new office in his garden to work from home in as part of Arm's approach to hybrid working. Since the office is separated from the main house, he was not being informed when someone rang the doorbell to deliver a package."

Check out how Sandeep solves this problem with a SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus.

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SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus - AW-CU488

SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus - AW-CU488

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