Taking the Next Step With Matter: Silicon Labs Releases Four Easy-to-Follow Bluetooth Examples

Silicon Labs created some amazing project examples, using the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter board, that you can follow once you've got yours up and running. Including gesture recognition and image classification using TensorFlow Lite, counting people in a room, creating an RFID door lock system, and connecting the SparkFun Thing Plus MGM240P to an Android device, these examples are sure to inspire you!

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Our friends at Silicon Labs® have created a few Bluetooth® examples using the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240 Board. If you are up and running with the board, these can provide excellent next steps as you interact with Matter.

Example 1: AI/ML Hand Signal Recognition - Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Nothing

This example shows users how to detect hand gestures, thumbs up/thumbs down/nothing, from recorded image data. The detection is visualized using a micro OLED display. This is a great way to get started with image classification machine learning models using TensorFlow Lite.

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Example 2: People Counting

This is a practical example with numerous appications that provides a starting point for people counting - how many people have entered a room, how many are in a room, when a room has reached capacity, and so forth. This example combines the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter board with a Human Presence Sensor and a micro OLED.

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Example 3: Door Lock RFID

This example takes users through the steps to make a complete RFID doorlock system. In addition to the Thing Plus Matter board, this application also uses the SparkFun RFID Qwiic Kit and the SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout - Qwiic.

alt text

Example 4: Soc Blinky

This example provides a starting point for those interested in developing BLE applications with the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board. It allows a BLE central device to control the LED on the mainboard and it can also receive button press notifications when the external button state changes. The primary hardware here is the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter board and a button; the example can be downloaded from GitHub.

alt text

Ready to Get Started with Matter?

Through our partnership with Silicon Labs, we were able to release the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P which is built to integrate seamlessly into the Matter IoT protocol using the Simplicity Studio® IDE from Silicon Labs. This is the first easily accessible board that combines Matter and SparkFun's Qwiic ecosystem for agile development and prototyping of Matter-based IoT devices. Get started with the resources below:

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P


If you already started working with Matter, please let us know what you are up to in the comments. We are very interested in how this new tech is being applied!

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