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The new TMC6300 3-Phase Motor Driver is now available and ready for your next robotics project!

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Hello everyone and welcome to a smaller Friday Product Post here at SparkFun Electronics. This week, we only have a single product to show off but it is one that we are pretty excited for! Why? Well, first off, it is our most recent graduate from SparkX! This means that you all wanted to see this board receive a full production run and support, so we did just that. Second, this is motor driver is incredibly robust for its size and we are extremely excited to work with it on our own! Let's take a closer look!

It's time to BRUSH up on your robotics skills.

SparkFun Brushless Motor Driver - 3-Phase (TMC6300)

SparkFun Brushless Motor Driver - 3-Phase (TMC6300)


The SparkFun 3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver, featuring the TMC6300 from ADI + Trinamic, is a powerful and easy-to-use three-phase motor driver that was designed to control our Brushless Gimbal Motor. It can be used to control any 3-phase BLDC or PMSM motor with up to 2A (1.4ARMS) of total drive current. Separate high-side and low-side control of the three half-bridges allows for incredible control of each phase of the motor commutation. The driver also provides temperature and short circuit protections, and a diagnostic output to indicate system faults. With a 1.8V regulated power output and an operating voltage down to 2V, the TMC6300 is suitable for low-power microcontroller and battery-powered designs (min. two AA/NiMh cells, or one to two Li-Ion cells).

Just in case your were curious: No, the photos for this board aren't wrong! Our board layout has been designed with the LEDs and labels facing up, IC down. This allows the thermal pad on the board to be accessed if cooling is required. Additionally, the breakout pins are specially aligned to fit perfectly onto a breadboard and hold the headers more perpendicular to facilitate assembly.

That's it for this week. As always, we can't wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another! We'll be back with more new products next week so make sure to check back then. Happy hacking!

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