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We waited a bit too long with the new products. And now we've lots and lots for you to see!

Let's start with our most exciting new sensor! The SCP1000 is a MEMs based altimeter that claims to resolve down to 9cm of precision. Wild!

You may have noticed the EM406 dropping in price! Now at $55.95, this all inclusive GPS solution can't be beat.

New VLSI MP3 decoder ICs listed including the easy to solder VS1011E-S and the new uber IC VS1033.

We've added a few new categories to the development list. The new Critter board was designed for all the Audio DIYs that need some processing power.

New CPLD board for programmable logic development!

New plastic bezel to mate with the button pads. Wall Tetris is almost here!

New LPC Proto Board for the LPC2294. It's so powerful, it can run uLinux!

New PIC-ICSP Adapter board. This board allows normal Olimex programmers to mate to the PIC-mini-WEB board (mini ICSP connector) as well as allowing connections to and from the odd Microchip RJ11 connector.

Nifty new DB9 housing. Use this housing for your next mini-serial product.

New I2C to 16-pin breakout board using the PCF8575 IC. Great for those applications where you need lots of I/O.

New FPU unit from Micromega. The FPU v3 is faster and better all around!

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