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We are pretty excited about this new microSD media. We're already designing some new, smaller devices based on this tiny format.

The Arduino-Stamp is here! This is a much smaller version of the popular Arduino-NG. We even have the Arduino Serial USB Board posted!

New MSP-417STK2 board posted. Lots more flash space!

Connector to interface to the Transchip TC5747. You know what this means - the breakout board is coming soon!

And once we release the camera breakout board, it will interface to our new GM862 eval boards! The RS232 v3 was posted today.

I'm not sure why we didn't post this earlier. This is a simple, terminated 4xAA battery holder. This battery pack mates with many of our popular items like the Lassen iQ datalogger, Logomatic, 6DOF v3, 2.4GHz development node, and many others!

And if you're a glutton for punishment, we have listed a large number of items in the Ding/Dent category!

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