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Controlling your scooter using Bluetooth and simple gestures.

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Today we have a cool project coming to us from SparkFun customer Brad Nelson. Brad's daily driver is a bright red Kymco ZX50 scooter - not the most exciting of rides and not much to look at. So, like any good hacker, Brad said, "I can make this better." Here's what he did:

Brad calls his project "Bluition." Bluition is essentially a Bluetooth ignition device that allows him control his scooter ignition, starter, and seat latch from his Android phone using simple gestures, like shaking his phone.

Brad uses a program called Tasker, which communicates using a Python script and Bluetooth. Brad uses the RN-42 Bluetooth Module for wireless communication,  a solenoid to pop the seat, MOSFET Control Boards, and some other various bits and bobs. One thing he didn't use - a dev board (no Arduino or otherwise!). Very cool work, Brad! Check out his webpage for more details and information on how to build your own!

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  • cool, but who wants to start their scooter from a phone? When you hit a bump on your scooter, your phone will mimick the same up and down shake and suddenly your ignition will terminate. Wouldn’t a better idea would be to use a fingerprint reader on the dash of the scooter and when you run your finger over it it recognizes you like being a “key”? Leave the kill switch intact and a active button for the trunk that is tied to the recognition of you by the fingerprint reader.

    • Yep. This is one of these rare ‘good implementation but quetsionable idea’. Usually it’s the other way around :)

      • Well said :)

        Someone asked me how I came up with the idea. After some thought, I realized it all started because I didn’t have a spare key.

    • Lol … That’s a lot of people’s first comments. It won’t read any gestures when the screen of the Android phone is off. I don’t have to unlock it, just hit the power button and shake. It automatically turns the screen off in five seconds.

    • I think that he probably uses the switch on the handlebar to turn the system off while riding.

    • But imagine the fun you could have with people tring to steal the scooter… “Hey he’s stealing your scooter!!!” Shake “oh…”

  • Great idea! Super fast too! LOL just kidding, no seriously pretty cool ;)

  • Great work! love the idea!

  • No uC huh? Well kudos to you. Quite impressive.