SparkFun Heads West!

We're embarking on a tour of the Western USA! Can we sleep on your couch? (Not really)

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SparkFun's Department of Education has spent a great deal of 2012 on the road. In fact, we've all just returned from a national blitz where Amanda had a workshop in Texas, Linz and Jeff were in Washington, D.C., followed by workshops in South Carolina. All preceded by meetings in the Northeast and all in the space of about a week -- things are busy for us!

We are traveling a lot to support the Inventor Kit LabPack, as well our other classroom kits. Our goal is that when a teacher makes the effort to put Arduino in their classrooms, we want to be able to help train them on the basic skills needed to get things rolling.

We spent nearly a month out East - and now we're heading to the West!

Ever since our East Coast tour this spring we've been looking to put together dates on the West Coast. Last week we secured the RV for this adventure. We have a sweet 28' RV and we'll set out from Boulder on October 12th for a circuit of the western United States.

If you've ever thought I wish I could get SparkFun to come do workshops where I live, we want to hear from you. Because we're doing this through our education initiative, we're particularly interested in teachers who would like to get embedded computing into their classrooms but have been shy about doing it without some hands-on training. This is what these trips are all about. We love to spend time with the community, both teachers and students, and we know it's tough to travel. So give us a shout at, we'll do our best to try and find a way to work things out.

Our rough schedule is as follows:

  • Southern Arizona - October 14-16
  • Los Angeles - October 17-19
  • San Jose - October 19-20
  • The Bay Area - October 21-24
  • Portland - October 25-27
  • Seattle - October 28-30
  • Western Washington, Idaho, Montana - October 31 - November 3
  • Wyoming - November 4

We have open dates and a little flexibility around this, so feel free to email us about what you might like to do. These road trips are always amazing and we expect this one to be the best one yet. Hope to see you soon!

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