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New Product Friday: The Keypad to my Heart

It's Valentine's Day and we've got some new goodies for you.

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Happy Valentine's day SparkFunions! As always, we have a few new products for you this week. In addition, I've created world's worst t-shirt for the product video. You might want to check it out. Be prepared to cringe.



Apparently we really like Valentine's day around here. I should also mention for those of you expecting to see the next Robotics 101 video, it's being pushed back until next week. Be sure to check back then for your robotics fix.

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The VKey Voltage Keypad is a good demonstration in using voltage dividers. The current source drives a string of resistors that form a voltage divider, and the switches select voltages at the different taps of the divider. This gives you the ability to read all 12 buttons uniquely by only using a single analog pin on your microcontroller.

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With more than 60 practical and creative hacks, Raspberry Pi Hacks helps you turn Raspberry Pi into the centerpiece of some cool electronics projects. You can learn how to use it as a web server, interact with other electronics, use it for audio/video applications, and more. Also, as I noted in the video, we will be introducing more video tutorials for the Pi soon.

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This USB Type A breakout has 4 mounting holes and simple 0.1" spaced headers, making prototyping with USB cables easy. The breakout works well with the LPC1768 mbed board.

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A couple weeks ago we released the Vernier Shield, which allows your Arduino to interface with Vernier sensors that use the BTC interface. This week we have the through-hole connectors (both the BTA and BTD for sale separately.

That's all I have for this week. Of course we'll be back again next week with even more new stuff, so be sure to check back then. Thanks for watching and have a great Valentine's day!

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