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We had to reshuffle a few categories to make room for the new.

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We had to reshuffle a few categories to make room for the new.

The new Flex/Force category now lists the 4.5" flex sensor. This simple to use variable resistive sensor is claimed to have been used in the original Nintendo Power Glove. I love the Nintendo Power Glove. It's so bad!

This is a membrane potentiometer. Great for precisely sensing the location of a device along an axis.

This behemoth is a magnetic card writer/reader in our new Sensor/ID category. Simple serial control allows you to read and write all three tracks on a magnetic card!

And for those of you who only need to read magnetic cards, this elegantly simple serial magnetic card reader works great for reading every kind of card we can throw at it. We were pretty surprised to find that magnetic cards (club cards, credit cards, drivers license) contain unencrypted serial information.

We asked our plastic manufacturer if they could make the SparkFun project case in clear and these awesome looking cases showed up. Difficult to photograph, but really cool.

If you need to add an analog to digital converter to your next project, the MCP3002 is a very simple to use SPI interfaced ADC with 2 channels and 10-bit resolution. A great little IC.

That is the latest accelerometer from ST Micro. The LIS302DL is a tiny triple axis accelerometer with a SPI digital interface. This allows for fun things like creating a threshold for the 'uh-oh' freefall interrupt.

Jim Lynch has created another short tutorial helping users who may have killed their SAM7 board. Your Atmel board may not be dead afterall.

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