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More new!

Wow! We've had a lot of new gadgets posted this week! Don't forget to check the listing from yesterday as well.

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Wow! We've had a lot of new gadgets posted this week! Don't forget to check the listing from yesterday as well.

We are excited to stock this USB cigarette lighter adapter. It's basic but extremely handy. Plug it in and get 5V/650mA out through a USB type A connector. This will allow you to power your next project from within your car!

This cable goes along nicely with the cigarette adapter or with any USB port! The Barrel Jack Adapter cable takes 5V from USB and adapts it to a 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector found on all of our development boards. Very good to have the next time you need to power a 5V device from your car or computer.

We've posted some example images of the AMOLEDs. These active matrix OLEDs are pretty impressive.

Need a microphone? These are small electrect mics. We've got a simple amplifier board coming soon as well!

A 2x2 bezel is now available for use with our silicon LED button pads.

Pete managed to redesign the nRF24L01 module with chip antenna to get pretty impressive range (50m) with a very compact size. Checkout these new RF modules.

Olimex has a few new boards as well! This is a small module based on the low power MSP430F2013 with a PIR motion detection sensor. A pretty neat module.

And if you're looking for the kitchen sink, this development platform for the LPC2294 has it all: CAN bus, Color LCD, ethernet, RS232, USB, 8MB SRAM, SD, etc, etc.

That is a reed switch. Reed switches are used in dusty, water, or harsh environments where a switch is needed. Used with a magnet, the switch will close every time the magnet is near. Great little device for non-contact sensing.

What good is a reed switch if you don't have magnets? We now carry two small cube rare earth magnets. These very powerful little magnets have endless applications.

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