New Product Friday: Gotta Step it Up!

Kits, mounts, and buttons! Check out what we have for this week.

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Sup. It's Friday, so that means we have some rad new gear for you. Check it out!



Stepper motors work really well with Actobotics channels. I encourage everyone that needs precise movement to try using steppers. If you want to learn a bit more about robotics and getting this moving, check out the Robotics 101 video series.

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The PowerSwitch Tail is really the easiest way to control an AC-powered device with a microcontroller. Simply solder it together, add in some cords, and connect your microcontroller's output to the screw terminals. Then you can switch on and off a monitor, pump, or any other load you need control over.

alt text

This is the day many of you have been waiting for: We now have stepper motor mounts for Actobotics. These come in three different sizes: NEMA14, NEMA17, and NEMA23. They connect to the Actobotics channels with either the 0.77" or 1.5" hole pattern.

alt text

Need an SMD button with a slightly taller activating area? These new SMD buttons have exactly that. We have them in a 6mm and 12mm size. These are very similar to the PTH variety and have a nice 'click' when you press them.

alt text

Lastly, a footprint change forced us to make a new revision of our SD/MMC Breakout. This is the same as the previous version, just with a new updated footprint for the socket. It allows you to gain access to all the pins from your SD card.

Well, that's all I have for this week. As always, thanks for reading and watching. We'll be back next week with even more new stuff, see you then.

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