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Twinkling Trick or Treat Bag

There's still time to build this great trick or treating bag for your kid - or yourself!

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Today we wanted to draw your attention to a great tutorial that's just in time for Halloween - the Twinkling Trick or Treat Bag.

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This project adds a bit of bling to your standard trick or treat bag by incorporating a ProtoSnap LilyTwinkle into the design. This is a fairly straight-forward project that has a really cool and fun result! Your kids will love it - and it makes it easy to tell which ghost is yours.

alt text

Check out the tutorial here to learn how to build your own! If you make one, we would love to see it - share it with us here! Happy haunting!

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  • Just a thought -- adding some EL wire to the kid's costume would both gladden the heart of most kids, and (don't tell them this) make them more visible to drivers and thus safer. Yeah, it costs a bit more, but consider what the co-pay at the emergency room would be...

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