AMA with SparkFun CFO Rich & Modular Robotics

You've got questions about business; we've got answers. Probably.

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SparkFun's CFO is a human man named Richard Parker. In addition to being the king of occasionally-sensical, riddle-based company-wide emails, Rich is in charge of inventing and enforcing the numbers that keep SparkFun in business (no pressure, pal).

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Here is Rich giving his welcome lunch & learn after joining SparkFun, which he delivered in a beautiful evening gown.

By now you are probably full of questions for Rich, including but not limited to, "What's it like sharing a name with a fictional shipwrecked tiger?" so this is a good time to let you know that at 3:00 MT today, Rich is hosting an AMA on our YouTube channel! You can ask him questions in the comments; the video is below.

Since the theme of this AMA is the Business of Electronics, we also have a special guest joining us! Lucas is the financial director for Modular Robotics, local friends of SparkFun and creators of the Cubelets and MOSS robotics systems. He'll be joining Rich to answer your questions about the business behind the business; it promises to be an adventure & we'll see you at 3:00!

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  • Oh, I've got some questions for Rich. Starting with, what makes you think you can get away with that lace in the middle of the day?

  • Erik-Sparkfun / about 7 years ago * / 2

    If you get us a $10 Million service contract on Sparkle, we'll train you to install it, Rich. We'll also make you answer the phones to support it for whatever non-SparkFun business you shoehorn it into.

    Sparkle may be an impressive piece of software overall, but it's not ready for other people's use case yet.

    Edit: I know you weren't serious - but I don't want anybody to get ideas. [imagine an angry emoji here]

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