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Overflow Sale

Clearing shelves like it's going out of style.

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What is an Overflow Sale, you might ask? Well, it has nothing to do with the record amount of rain Boulder has had this past year, nor the possibility of our building's groundwater containment area - lovingly/terrifyingly named "the hole" - having too much H2O in it. The Overflow Sale is our opportunity to clear some shelf space in preparation for some big product releases coming this fall. So please let our fiscal planning and spatial needs be your ticket to a sweet deal. The sale ends on 8/31/2015 at 11:59pm MT. Don't miss out or you'll be cursing your luck more than if you got stuck in the hole.

alt text

* Non-artist's representation of SparkFun's Groundwater Containment Area

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  • You know it must be REALLY bad when the picture used is the special edition version of the Sarlacc Pit!

  • Whoa, that was definitely not part of the Friday afternoon facility tour.

    You know what's good for a shallow Niwot water table? Cottonwoods or willows with deep roots (Phreatophytes is the technical term). Think of them as Mother Nature's solar-powered evaporative pumps.

    • Interesting fact, but we pump more water than we could ever plant trees to handle. Tours don't go down there in part for the low ceiling and liability. The hole is the only interesting thing to see down there & it would be a bummer to fall in.

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