Last-minute summer projects

It's not too late, and we're here to help.

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You know it; we know it. The days are getting a tiny bit shorter, and the mornings a tiny bit cooler (at least in Colorado), and the "I didn't get any of my projects done this summer" panic is building.

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Don't stress about your half-finished robot. We've got you covered.

Don't give in to despair just yet - while you've been slacking off all summer, we've been toiling feverishly away under the persistently-squealing HVAC unit, coming up with lots of resources to help you whip out your greatest project yet, in no time at all. Giant LED installation? Got it. Interactive, conductive paint mural? Check. Enough paper circuits to wrap your entire house? Yeah, we have that too. Not to mention a slew of tutorials covering concepts you can use in your own projects, like load cells (we used them in our dog treat dispenser); timer buttons (like the one we use in our picture frame tetris); the Lockitron, for IoT and home automation projects; the Ludus protoshields (great for our robotics projects); or soil moisture sensors, because if nothing else, your tomatoes are looking a little grim.

So get out there, with our help or without, and make something to take your summer from good to GLORY.

The Great Big Guide to Paper Circuits

Let's take a look at different materials we can use to combine paper crafting and electronics.

Adding a Timed Button to a Project

This tutorial will walk you through making a timed power controller for interactive projects. You will learn how to add an on button that will provide power to your project for an amount of time and then turn off again.

Building Large LED Installations

Learn what it takes to build large LED installations from planning to power requirements to execution.

Bare Conductive Musical Painting

Learn how to make a musical painting using the Bare Conductive Touch Board and Conductive Paint.

Getting Started with Load Cells

A tutorial defining what a load cell is and how to use one.

Soil Moisture Sensor Hookup Guide

A quick hookup guide and project to get you started with the Soil Moisture Sensor from SparkFun.

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  • FlowerAskew / about 7 years ago / 4

    I thought that the blue pitcher on the shelf was a giant electrolytic capacitor for a second and I got very excited.

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