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Friday Product Post: Servo Says

Servo says spin ... Servo didn't say stop! Today we have a new board that you may have seen before.

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Hey there, folks! It's Friday, and that means new products. We have a smaller week than we planned this fine Friday, due to some shipping mishaps. Today we bring you a new version of our Servo Trigger that will hopefully provide you more access to the little robotic motors. Without further ado, let's dive in!

What a nice short video to kick off what we hope is your long weekend!

SparkFun Servo Trigger - Continuous Rotation

SparkFun Servo Trigger - Continuous Rotation


The SparkFun Continuous Rotation (CR) Servo Trigger is a small robotics board that simplifies the control of hobby RC servo motors. When an external switch or logic signal changes state, the CR Servo Trigger is able to tell an attached servo motor to move from position A to position B. To use the CR Servo Trigger, you simply connect a hobby servo and a switch, then use the on-board potentiometers to adjust the start/stop positions and the transition time. You can use a hobby servo in your projects without having to do any programming!

When we introduced the original Servo Trigger, we mentioned that it could be reprogrammed to be more useful with continuous rotation servo motors. But reprogramming the firmware is somewhat tedious, and users asked for a Servo Trigger preprogrammed with the continuous rotation logic. With this little CR board you will be provided with an easy way to deploy continuous rotation servos in your projects!

SparkFun Servo Trigger

SparkFun Servo Trigger


Speaking of the original Servo Trigger, we are still carrying it alongside its CR sibling. Additionally, we've lowered the price of this original version. The choice is yours!

Well, like we said, that's it for this week. We'll catch you back here next Friday with more goodies. See you then!

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  • What happened to SparkFun Live series? Why you stopped doing it?

  • When you're "retired", a "holiday" just means you have to wait an extra day for your Sarkfun order, or wait longer for the Doctor appointment to get your cast off, or ...

    • Well, FWIW, when I looked on the FedEx website to check on the progress of my package, they were reporting that it should arrive today rather than Tuesday. When I went to fetch in the snail-mail, it included a (familiar) red box! (Too bad there were also bills...) At least USPS has "Saturday delivery" as standard!

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