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Live Classroom Stream Tonight

We're attempting to catchup with technology and broadcast the SparkFun Classroom. Wish us luck.

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We've got a batch of new products to list, but they'll have to wait! We've been fiddle with the interweb all day.


Tonight is the Napkin Schematic class and we've had a few SparkFun users ask that we broadcast the class. We've got a channel on UStream.TV open and running. Class starts at 5PM MST tonight. Come join us! We guarantee the sound will be poor, frames will be dropped, and you won't be able to read the dry-erase board, but hey -it's the future! Give us some feedback and we'll try to improve it for the next broadcast.

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  • I was one of those who asked for it to be broadcast! I never really believed in the power of the masses until now.

  • It's awesome that you guys are streaming this for free, but it'd be even more awesome if the people who missed it could watch too. Is there a provider out there that records the stream so it can be watched again later?

  • Whohooo!!

  • Ja, I would agree with the idea of recording. It would even out your bandwith and then you could offer it in higher quality. I did some compression work for a client a while back Windows WMV can get great quality video quite small. Escpecially when the subject matter is a class room and not changing rapidly. Having those available would be absolutly great. If you wanted to get really kinky you could even go mp4 and offer it as a podcast!

  • I missed it :( , nobody recorded it ?

    • Nope, we didn't record this one. But we'd like to record future classes. I'm sure we'll be trying a couple different things with the upcoming classes, so please keep giving us feedback and ideas.

  • Oh, I should also recommend for future episodes, Starting at 6:30 to 7PM MST, Most people work until 5, and that would be an appropriate time that the east coast as well as the west coast will be home from work. 5:30 PST etc.

  • Also a day late, argh

  • Wow.
    Unfortunately i missed it. But thank you anyway!!!
    It's a great idea. Waiting for schematic class. Hi from Berlin.

  • Look forward to it!!

  • That is the best quality guarantee ever! Too bad I missed it, just saw the post. Please do again!

  • I agree that this is great. I guess my suggestion would be more notice in the future so that more people may attend.
    Thanks for trying new things!

  • This was great guys! I really look forward too the Eagle tutorials to see if I can pick up a few tips.
    It would be nice if you posted the stream links up a day or more before the event, and maybe some times for the different timezones around the world.

  • It was fun!! :)

  • I'm too far away to attend and missed this post until just now! Hoping you guys do this again for the Schematic Capture.

  • This is/was really enjoyable, I hope that you all continue share these sessions in a similar fashion.
    As I see it there are three parts?
    1, The white board (currently unreadable)
    2, The web data/schematics (I can tell the difference between Wikipedia and the Sparkfun Website, but it really is unreadable)
    3, The audio (currently the most valuable)
    May I suggest?
    1, The camera should be focused on the white board, with a little adjustment I would think that you could make it readable.
    2, The web addresses could be fed into the chat session (oddly enough its not working for me, but I assume that?s my problem?)
    3, The audio is reasonable? I am sure that multiple mics would improve the audio, but its not terrible.
    4, Take questions/input from the web-viewers/session... This could be complicated, but I am sure that you can manage. :)
    Keep up the great work!

  • thanks for trying this... unfortunately I didn't see this post until now, and I'm assuming the class is over by now. I'll try joining the next one.

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