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Community Partnership Program

We give you stuff. You give us stuff. Everyone wins!

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We get a lot of requests to help out some really cool projects, programs and organizations. We've been able to get involved here and there over the years and we've gotten to see some incredible work from our community, but now we're getting official! Our Community Partnership team here at SparkFun has put together a new program that will help those of you who have special requests get the support you need from SparkFun to make your project the best it can be.

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We're here to help!

This program is the best way to give back while highlighting the excellent work that our customers bring to the DIY electronics world. This means if you apply for a partnership, be prepared to share your work with the SparkFun community. We're making the process as easy as possible for you to get our help. Just fill out this form.

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Unleash electronics in your community!

When you fill out the application, feel free to be as detailed as possible. We receive hundreds of requests every year and while we hope to support every single one of them, the best way for us to have as big an impact as possible with your organization and the maker community at large is for our applicants to share their stories with us. We're looking for individuals and organizations that embrace open source, and who seek to make the world a better place with maker technology.

All applications will be reviewed on the third Thursday of every month, and awards for partnership will be announced via email to beneficiaries and on our social media the last day of every month. After that, your project or event will be featured on our social media or our very own Inventorspace.

We hope to see your application soon, and look forward to supporting as many people as possible in 2017.

Happy inventing!

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  • Hello,

    I just found out that there is going to be a Maker Faire in Chicago on the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd. Is SparkFun going to be there?

    One other thing. I know you guys used to have products for store shelves but did you ever contemplate the idea of opening a SparkFun specific store? Maybe call it SparkGap so your products are available over the counter. It could also have a small Makerspace inside for people to Make. Just a thought. Had two Radio Shacks close down recently so electronic parts are no longer 5 minutes away.

    Take care, NorthernPike.. ><>..

    • Hi Northern Pike,

      Unfortunately our event schedule is set for the year and we won't be able to attend Chicago Makerfaire. Maybe some time in the future!

      As for a retail store while we have kicked the idea around but the costs seem to unfeasible for what we think the demand would be. We have one here at our SparkFun HQ though, so if you're ever in Colorado come stop by and check it out!

      • Sorry to hear you won't be able to attend the event in Chicago. Would have been great to meet some of you people. I understand the retail decision. But remember, it is a growing market and who knows, someday it may very well be worth it. If I ever am in your neck of the woods I will certainly stop by. Problems is, you may not be able to get me to leave. :))

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