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Enginursday: The Pro-One and Proto-8 Synthesizers, with Teensy!

Looking to emulate modular synthesizers with the Teensy Audio platform? Read on!

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I've got some synthesizers to show off today. See what the signals of an old analog synth look like on my trusty scope, and check out what I've been up to with the Teensy Audio Board. (I'll give you a hint: it's synthesizers!) To see what information I've used to create it, visit the links on this page.

Project GitHub

The project itself is tracked in GitHub, complete with hardware design, panel design and software. The readme files contain information about installing software and general use.

PJRC links

The Teensy and Audio Board are made by PJRC. I use a circuit that contains the Audio Board's circuit, but the software is the same for either.

Material referenced, and Proto Pedal links

The Teensy and Audio Board are made by PJRC. I use a circuit that contains the Audio Board's circuit, but the software is the same for either.

Keep on beeping on,

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  • Hi Marshall, I have started implementing this project and have some questions. I don't know if this is the right place to ask technical project questions or is there a better way to contact you

  • Help .. downloaded files from GitHub and can not open any of them using Eagle CAD or KiCad. What do I need to do to see them ?

    • You have to open the file Teensy_test_layout.pro from within the "Proto-8\Hardware\0001Proto-8\Test Projects" folder... sorry about the misleading name! I meant to touch up a few things and make it version 2 but I haven't used up my initial build yet.

      I just tested the files with KiCad 4.0.5, but any version within the last year should do.

      • Figured out how to change the path to the libraries and now all is well. I'm on my way to building a synthesizer !!

  • Very nice presentation! Is the source code for all these things available on the net? Also, does it only work on Teensy hardware?

    • Thank you! Yes, the source is all public on the github, and it will only work on teensy hardware. The processor has some DSP instructions to do basic things (like 32b x 22b >> 32) I'm relying on.... but the concepts are universal! I'll be trying to do a bunch of 2 minute videos over the next few months to explain the internals. What system are you working with?

      • None just yet but have been getting interested in synths lately. I live mostly in the PIC archipelago plus have a long background in the arcane arts of analog. I just made a silly touch sensor from a brooch this one and when you touch it, it plays an MP3 file.

        My grandson is attracted to this stuff so I am constantly on the lookout for topics that he can explore. He seems to have some musical intuition plus a younger sister who is always right there watching as well. They are never too young to start and synth sounds appeal to them.


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