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Check out what Spark Fun customers are doing with their Arduinos.

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Here at Spark Fun we get many individuals emailing us to show off there projects using Spark Fun products, especially Arduino. It's amazing to see what people have come up with. Feel free to send us your unique projects and we can show them off to the Spark Fun community!

The Critical Corset is a social experiment that studies the laws of attraction. Using a Polar HRM and Arduino, the corset detects an increase in your heart rate and compensates by tightening and giving you that attractive posture desirable to the opposite sex. Very interesting Vanessa Carpenter!

We have found two tutorials written that use the Arduino and our I2C EEPROM. Here is one in Portuguese that also uses our Nokia 3310 LCD and another in English.

Here is a project that reminds me of that creepy mirror in PeeWee's Playhouse. This project uses an Arduino and a proximity sensor to detect when someone stands in front of the Magic Mirror to display certain messages or faces. Thanks Al Linke!

Main image is a neat blog that is all about Arduinos. Complete with code, instructables, project notes, and user projects. Check it out!

After you purchase your Arduino or any SparkFun widget, we do suggest you at least recycle your Spark Fun shipping boxes. OR turn them into a speakerboxs. Nice work Michael Spiceland!

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