Spectral Sensing for the Masses

It's the next greatest thing to desktop spectroscopy.

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We are extremely proud and pleased to announce the launch of the Qwiic NIR Spectral Sensor with the AS7263. This near infrared sensor has the ability to detect 610, 680, 730, 760, 810, and 860nm light.

Qwiic NIR Spectral Sensor - AS7263

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It's an extremely sensitive sensor that, up to this point, has only been available in physics labs and high end instrumentation dealers.

This sensor is pretty unique in that it ships without firmware. You have to connect it to a 4mbit flash and program the flash with AMS firmware. This is a neat idea akin to the space industry that can "load software after launch"1. Why write all the software for a Mars rover before launch when you can write it in 150 days2 while it flies to Mars?

Our units come fully assembled, programmed, and tested. We've got example code showing how to take calibrated readings over I2C. The AS7263 also has a neat feature that allows you to connect over USB to Serial if you prefer an AT command set.

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