Friday Product Post: I'mma Chargin' Up Mah LiPo!

Two new boards to keep your project powered, a new version of our Sound Detector and smaller packs of quick disconnects!

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Hello, and welcome back to another Friday Product Post! This week we have five new products to show off to you fine folk. We start with two brand-new SparkFun Originals that will help charge and maintain your LiPo battery. There's also a new version of our Sound Detector with headers, and rounding out the offerings are two small packs of quick disconnects. It's Friday; just dive in!

Charge up for a nice boost!

SparkFun LiPo Charger/Booster - 5V/1A

SparkFun LiPo Charger/Booster - 5V/1A


The SparkFun 5V/1A LiPo Charger/Booster is a no-nonsense circuit for generating one amp from a Lithium Polymer battery at 5V. This LiPo charger is a very economical choice that is equipped with a simple booster circuit utilizing the PAM2401 IC. It includes protection diodes so you can run multiple cells in series for an extra kick. While the booster circuit is in operation, this board can draw more current the lower the input voltage, making it perfect to deliver a strong charge in a small amount of time.

SparkFun Adjustable LiPo Charger

SparkFun Adjustable LiPo Charger


The SparkFun Adjustable LiPo Charger is a single-cell lithium polymer (LiPo) and lithium ion battery charger. Because it’s adjustable, this charger will be able to safely charge most of our single-cell batteries with ease. With its onboard charge rate selector you will be able to set the maximum amount of current to charge your battery from 15mA to 500mA.

SparkFun Sound Detector (with Headers)

SparkFun Sound Detector (with Headers)


The SparkFun Sound Detector is a small and very easy-to-use audio sensing board with three different outputs. The Sound Detector not only provides an audio output, but also a binary indication of the presence of sound and an analog representation of its amplitude. The three outputs are simultaneous and independent, so you can use as many or as few as you want at once.

Quick Disconnects - Female 1/4" (Pack of 5)

Quick Disconnects - Female 1/4" (Pack of 5)

Quick Disconnects - Female 2.8mm (Pack of 5)

Quick Disconnects - Female 2.8mm (Pack of 5)


Sometimes referred to as "spade connectors," these quick disconnects are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects that are repeatedly assembled and disassembled. We are offering these female connectors in packs of five in both a 1/4" version and a 2.8mm version. The shape of these connectors allows them to be used with a variety of retro game-cabinet buttons, as well as lights similar to the ones found in our Spectacle line.

That's it, everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the choice of fine new products this week. As always, we can't wait to see what you make with these parts! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you next week with even more new products!

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  • wow.. Your blog is simply amazing. your products and its attractiveness are damn appreciable. I really going to buy this next time whenever I need it. Thank a lot.

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