Four Weeks of Free

Here's your chance to get a special product for free each week of July!

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UPDATE 7/9: Week Two is now live and Week One has been extended through 7/11/2018. Just remember only one promo code can be used per order. Happy shopping!

If you've been with us since 2017 and before, you may remember some iteration of Free Day throughout the years. Free Day was a very exciting, and often tumultuous (and occasionally illegal), event with a new spin each year. I've included a few posts below about past Free Days for your viewing pleasure.

This year we're changing it up again; Free Day is a single day no more. My friends, I give you Four Weeks of Free. This time around, we're giving away a single product with orders above a certain dollar threshold each of the four weeks in July.

Week 1: 5V Arduino Pro Mini (500 max giveaway)

Week 2: Small Parts Kit (250 max giveaway)

Week 3: Arduino Qwiic Kit (250 max giveaway)

Week 4: Raspberry Pi Qwiic Kit (250 max giveaway)

We've got full details on our landing page here, including the rules, which may be of interest.

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To kick off the first week we'll give you a 5V Arduino Pro Mini when your order reaches $30 or more. Just make sure your orders totals $30 in your cart, add the 5V Pro Mini, and use the promo code FREEW1 at checkout to get the Pro Mini for free. If you're full up on Pro Minis, check back soon to see what specifics Week Two has in store. Happy Four Weeks of Free!

Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz

Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz


UPDATE: Week 2 is now here. Get a Small Parts Kit free when your order reaches $40 or more. Add the kit to your cart and use code FREEW2 at checkout to get the kit for free!

SparkFun Small Parts Kit

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