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New Electronics Concept Posters

Looking to spruce up your classroom or workspace? We've got three posters just for you!

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Today we are keeping it quick and easy. We've designed three posters over the last couple of months to go along with some of our most popular tutorials. We've covered Ohm's Law, Alternating Current vs Direct Current and Analog and Digital Signals.

Each poster is high-resolution and ready to print out up to 24" x 36". We hope you enjoy this little gift from us, and please share photos when you've got them up in your workspace or classroom! We plan on releasing new posters every now and again, so stay tuned!

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  • I Amps, E Volts, R Ohms, wouldn't P be Watts instead of Power?

  • ElectroBOOM just did a video on Ohm's law as well, and described the relationship between current, amps, coulombs, voltage, and resistance very well:


  • Thank You!

  • Why E instead of V for voltage?

    • The symbols “E” and “V” are interchangeable for the most part, although some texts reserve “E” to represent voltage across a source (such as a battery or generator) and “V” to represent voltage across anything else. “E,” stands for “Electromotive force." Source

      • Nice, that's what was on our posters in high school though no one in my college courses had heard of it that way.

  • Is there some "easy to get to" place where we can find the posters in the future? (If not yet, might I suggest that one be set up?)

    • Currently we have no plans of making a landing page to house all of these, but it's possible we could do that in the future once more have been made. We also have these 3 available at each related tutorial. However, those require an email to receive them. Consider these a special bonus for our regular blog readers like yourself :)

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