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Wireless Remote Control with micro:bit

Control your micro:bot wirelessly using MakeCode's radio blocks.

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Remember the little battle bot we built way back when? The micro:bot was running loose at SparkFun, armed with skewers, the last time we checked in. Well, I had some time to explore the radio blocks in MakeCode and decided enough was enough. I wrote some code using a pair of micro:bits so that the robot only moves on command, using parts from the micro:bot and micro:arcade kits. If you have not already, check out the tutorial below to start experimenting with micro:bit's wireless feature and train your micro:bot!

Wireless Remote Control with micro:bit

January 21, 2019

In this tutorial, we will utilize the MakeCode radio blocks to have the one micro:bit transmit a signal to a receiving micro:bit on the same channel. Eventually, we will control a micro:bot wirelessly using parts from the arcade:kit!

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  • Any idea about how to implement an electric part to this wooden car? I am planing to make wooden cars because they are eco, but also implement some tech inside. I think the kids will be very excited to see a toy combined by wood and tech.

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