Last week we gave you an update on everything that we have added to the SparkFun Artemis Module since its release. We want to keep you updated on all the Artemis news, even if they aren't as exciting as a BLE Mesh update (we're working on it), so let's quickly go over the two new updates for Artemis!

  • ShiftIn, ShiftOut, PulseIn - Admittedly, not the most exciting new update, but one that is often overlooked. We're making it as easy as possible to switch architectures! When you don't need to change your code, you'll know it's working.

  • Tone - Beep boop beep! That's right, buzzers and other tone creators now function with the Artemis running the show!

The Artemis family!

You can check out all these features in our newsletter. Feel free to poke at the code as well! We've included examples for all the features of the Artemis in our Arduino Core.

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