August Artemis Update

It's been a bit, so let's look at all the new Artemis features we've been working on!

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We are getting closer and closer to a full release of our FCC Certified version of the SparkFun Artemis Module, but that hasn't stopped us from continuing to update new features to what we have available right now! We want to keep you updated on all the Artemis news, so let's quickly go over the new updates for Artemis!

  • SD Card - We've done a lot of work getting SPI + SD card to work, so all functionality is up and running if you chose to integrate an SD card peripheral into your Artemis project.

  • PDM - We now have examples showing how to use the on-board pulse density microphones (PDM) on the BlackBoard, BlackBoard Nano and BlackBoard ATP.

  • SoftwareSerial - Two hardware serial ports is nice, but there always seem to be a few more serial devices than there are UARTs on a micro. That's why we've designed a custom SoftwareSerial library for Artemis. This allows any pin to be used for software serial transmission or reception up to 115200bps. Do you need 20 serial ports? Oh yes, yes you do.

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You can check out all these features in our newsletter. Feel free to poke at the code as well! We've included examples for all the features of the Artemis in our Arduino Core.

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