Friday Product Post: We've Got Powerful Connections

A new ATX Power Connector Kit is available along with all of its associated parts! Get powered up!

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Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We have a few new products this week, starting with an ATX Power Connector soldering kit to safely add power to your project from those laptop brick power supplies! We also have all of the associated parts included in the kit. Let's jump in a take a closer look!

High, power! How are you?

SparkFun ATX Power Connector Breakout Kit - 12V/5V (4-pin)

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Do you need to power a project with 12V and 5V from one power supply? The ATX Power Connector Kit breaks out the standard 4-pin computer peripheral port for your 12V and 5V devices! Once you have chosen a power supply (whether it be an ATX power supply or the included 12V/5V wall adapter), you're ready to give your project some life! This kit has everything you need to solder together an ATX breakout and screw terminals for powering your project directly, or for pumping power into a breadboard.

SparkFun ATX Power Connector Breakout Board

SparkFun ATX Power Connector Breakout Board


If you are looking to just pick up the PCB of the ATX Power Connector Breakout, we also have that available! This is a great option for those with specific connectors and power supplies in mind.

Power Supply - 12V/5V (2A)

Power Supply - 12V/5V (2A)


Does your project need a little more umph than our wall wart adapters can supply? Why not give this a shot? This 2A "laptop brick" supply outputs both 5V and 12VDC, and is terminated with a 4-pin ATX connector. And yes, this is the same power supply in the kit above!

ATX Right Angle Connector - PTH 4-pin

ATX Right Angle Connector - PTH 4-pin


Last this week is a 4-pin, ATX, right angle connector that mates up to the standard 4-pin computer peripheral port often found on ATX power supplies. It's a pretty simplistic connector that mates perfectly with the power supply above.

That's it for this week! As always, we can't wait to see what you make! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

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