Make Sure to Get Your Holiday Shipments in Time!

What better time than now to go over the last days to place your SparkFun order before the holidays?

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It's Thanksgiving Eve here in the US, and that means we will be out of the office tomorrow, November 28th. Of course, after that will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which means a multitude of sales that we went over Monday. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we want to make sure you get your orders on time. Please refer to the shipping methods and dates by clicking the button below to get your order by Tuesday, December 24th (snowpocalypse permitting).

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  • Today is Thanksgiving, and I want to wish every one a happy day! I'm thankful for all of the folks (and their efforts) at SparkFun, Adafruit, Digi-Key, and all the other suppliers that enable our making!

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