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Hello everyone! If you have ever been interested in working with SparkFun, now is a perfect time to take a look at our Job Openings! Many of these positions are closing soon (some even within the week) so don't delay. Unfortunately none are remote, but Boulder County is - in our extremely unbiased opinion - an excellent place to be :).

Join the SparkFun team!


  • Software Engineer - Working closely with other members of our Engineering team, the Software Engineer is responsible for the software components of the products we build for single board computers (Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, etc.), ensuring the developed solutions deliver the desired functionality and meet user expectations.

Marketing Communications

  • Technical Content Creator - This role is responsible for creating technical content to support product launches/product families, technology focus areas, and marketing campaigns/initiatives. This role is constantly learning about, applying and sharing new technologies with both new and existing SparkFun audiences. Research, collaboration, and measurement are all critical aspects to the success of this role!


  • Machine Operator (Day Shift) - The Machine Operator is responsible for running a variety of pieces of machinery including stencil printers, pick and place machines, reflow ovens, selective solder machines, board washers, and automated optical inspection (AOI) machines. This is the start of the overall board assembly process, and is an integral one in setting the pace for the rest of the assembly process. Prior PCB assembly equipment operations experience is not required. We will train the candidate that is best fit for the position.
  • Packager - The Packager is responsible for ensuring that in-house assembled PCB products are safe for transport and storage in the warehouse. They are the final step in the overall Board Assembly process. The Packager is also responsible for assembling Light Packaged Assemblies, which are things like buttons, switches, sensors, transmitters and receivers.

Sales Operations - Business Development

  • Customer Support Representative - This role often serves as the first line of human interaction with customers and potential customers. The ultimate goal of this position is to ensure those that reach out to SparkFun have great experience with us - positive, proactive, efficient, value-add, beneficial, and resolution oriented. This role acts as the face of SparkFun and has a great impact on customer relationships and loyalty.

Software & IT

  • Software Developer - SparkFun's newest Software Developer will be a contributing member of our software development team. Projects will range from simple UI updates on SparkFun's e-commerce website to building out complex, business-critical features for SparkFun's ERP system. The ideal candidate will need to be comfortable with various modern web technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and relational databases such as MySQL or Postgres.

Do you have what it takes to join the SparkFun team? We'd love to have you become a 'Funion!

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