Getting Fancy with PWM

Get started with FPGAs by learning basic LED controls!

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When you first buy an Alchitry Au or Alchitry Cu board, the default FPGA configuration creates a fancy wave effect on the LEDs. In a new tutorial, we walk through different steps for how to make something like this. It will be a great overview for how to approach a design and various things to consider given that we are working with hardware.

First FPGA Project - Getting Fancy with PWM

July 30, 2020

An initial project using Alchitry's onboard FPGA to manipulate PWM

Learn about pulse width modulation (PWM), pulse an LED and create a wave - all on an FPGA. We'll provide you with the tools you need and show you how to do it!


FPGA chip


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  • Member #447151 / about 4 years ago / 1

    I understand this is a tutorial but I achieved thís effect for under $6 worth of components which included a 555. I use the circuit on my motorcycle for making my headlight have a (adjustable) 'breathing effect'.

    However a FPGA does have useful, cost effective applications.

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