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And In Other News

Best SparkFun stories for the day...

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What's the best April fools prank you've heard for the day? From the internal SparkFun email list:

SparkFun is proud to annouce a new site feature. As you know, we're into to connecting people with their passions. So we'd like to introduce you to SparkSingles, a service for SparkFun customers and their friends.

SparkFun raided by the IRS, lost everything, files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sad face :(

Flux capacitor: Energy star compliant with a max voltage of 10kV and 12,100A. Patented.
Instead of a snow day closing we're closing for a 'Sun' day. We live in Boulder. Neener, neener, neener.

I got it! Tell everyone that Spark International won the cease and desist. The case put us on the brink of bankruptcy, but a last minute unnamed investor came in and bought us, we are now know as Sparkgoogle. In other news, Sun's new owner Oracle has served us with a cease and desist with that name. They have agreed to settle if Nate wins a boat race against Larry Ellison and his silly American's cup ruining boat.

And from our customers:

Is the rumor true??? I heard SparkFun is being bought out by RadioShack!

Happy April 1st.

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  • I think you heard the rumor backwards.
    It's SparkFun buys RadioShack. :)

    • Would not be profitable: Customer would buy the extended warranty plans on their developments platforms, before destroying them with improper test procedures.

    • This is great news! As a fan of professional cycling, I'm glad to hear that Lance Armstrong's team will now be called "The Sparkfun".

  • Heh... and of course checking Mr. Ohm's law on the Flux Cap brings up to the now-famous 1.21 GigaWatts. And in deference to the move... it is pronounced Jija. This is the only phonetic exception allowed to Giga.

  • Had fun at school today... my high school's IT department has a bunch of extra keyboards. Asked nicely to take one, pry all the keys off, and reattach them upside down. Teacher's reaction was like "WTF?!"

  • Hmmm... 2 of your internal jokes are about bankruptcy...
    I've always been told that in every joke there is a bit of true story...

    • I think the saying is "In every legend there is a bit of truth"
      But lets hope we are both wrong ;)

  • Radioshack? -shudder-

    • We all like to rip on Radio Shack, but I for one am glad they are still around. I don't usually buy any of their consumer goods, but in most cities that I've lived in, it is the only place left to buy actual components. Most of the little electronics shops that I remember from the past are no longer around.
      Sometimes you just need that one little piece to finish a project and it's hardly worth it to order a 50 cent part. Granted, that 50 cent part will probably be $2.50 at Radio Shack but that is the cost of convenience. Its sad that they don't carry as much for the hobbyist as they used to, but I'm still glad its there.

      • TOTALLY agree. Their prices are a rip-off but when you're in the middle of a project, who wants to wait 4 days for a few parts?
        Plus I got started with their 50-in-one kit as a kid... they did a great job of getting kids interested in electronics.
        I wonder if they'll ever quit carrying components. I think that'll be a sad day.

  • or this year Free Day limit will be 10000 instead of 100 but the currency unit change to Rupiah....

  • SparkSingles! Now there's a brilliant idea :D
    I'd love to have a gorgeous 20~30 something girlfriend with a passion for the electronics :-P
    Limor Fried is my number 1 crush shyface

  • I absolutely agree!
    Recently, I needed some parts. My usual non-mail order store is fairly large, split 60/40 between pro and hobbyist, and is basically a candy store for geeks. Problem is, this store always has everything on my shopping list - except for that one, non-substitutable part. Those puppies always seem to be out of stock.
    On a whim, and since the project's BOM was kind enough to include Radio Shack part numbers, I decided to check out the store near my office - don't think I'd gone into a RS store for parts since I was a kid.
    Well wouldn't you know it, EVERYTHING on my list was in stock at that store. Yes it was a little more expensive, but on Friday afternoon, who cares? Maybe it was just the rare, intoxicating scent of semiconductors right there in front of me, just waiting to be handled and purchased, but in that moment, my long dormant love affair with Radio Shack was suddenly rekindled! Plus, the staff had three qualities that I haven't seen in a very long time: they were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.
    Wait, what?

  • Hi, can any body say me when I can get the AnsiC source code for this Sensor? or do you send me please?
    Thanks in advances

  • Why are all the comments highlighted as a link?
    Was that your april fools joke? lol

  • From AP:
    "As the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is sent to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, SparkFun's founder Nathan Seidle will take a break from his daily endeavors to act as the famous tourist attraction's replacement.
    After a strenuous selection process which included several interviews, two photo sessions, and a psych exam, Nate emerged as one of the 18 people who will share the honor. During the month of May, Nathan will be spending 8 hours every day sitting naked on a rock at Langelinie pier. He will share the duties of that month with two other well-known Americans; Kevin Smith and Sandra Bullock."

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