A Bevy of New Products

What a better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than with a handful of new products!

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We searched the far corners of the world for the best solder we could find - and we think we've got it! This is a special SparkFun solder blend (made just for us - and you!) that we use in our very own production process here at SparkFun HQ. It's lead free and has a water-soluble flux core. We have two different types - 0.79mm and 0.50mm.

Thinking about adding some voice recognition to your project? Check out the VoiceGP Dev Kit. It's a pricey kit but includes all the hardware and software you'll need. Contents are VoiceGP module, VoiceGP devboard, VoiceGP software, Software CD, USB cable, and a quick start guide. We also offer the VoiceGP DK-T2SI, which includes everying the the dev kit, plus  a user license for Sensory's QuickT2SI Lite for creating your own Speaker Independent Vocabularies.

Next we have a new beefy Solar Panel - our tests show it will be more than capable of 10 watts in open sunlight with peak power output around 8V. Plus, check out that aluminum frame - so stylish!

This isn't a new product but a change to an old standby - here's the Graphic LCD 84x48 Nokia 3310. This small monochrome LCD was used in the highly popular Nokia 3310 phone. Ultra-low power (less than 1mA), but no backlight. Keep in mind this is just the bare LCD.

You want bright LEDs? You got 'em! This is a Luxeon Rebel LED Breakout - Warm White Triple Play! We are pretty big fans of these super-bright LEDs and we think you will be too. We recommend a heatsink (connect with heat sink compound or thermal tape) for this board as these lights put out a fair amount of heat.

Next we have a lower cost Bluetooth Module with AT Command Set! This module is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. It's lower power (class 2) than our other modules, and doesn't have all the wiz-bang features, but it serves well as a serial cable replacement.

Last, we have two new t-shirts commemorating the 2010 SparkFun AVC! Each shirt features a logo created by our graphic designer David!

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  • I would really love to get one of those LCDs because of the ability to use with low onboard memory and speed microcontrollers, but without a breakout board or similar device to make it easy enough to put on a breadboard, the likeliness of me buying one is pretty low. Otherwise, I believe all of these items are really great and could definitely help me and many others out. Great job Sparkfun!

    • We’re working on it. We just wanted to get it out there for the time being. Look for a connector and a breakout soon(ish).

  • Finally a cheaper Bluetooth module! And I feel like you guys will have the good documentation and some source code available sooner or later, unlike the competition (whose poorly translated Chinese datasheets are a pain to look through).
    Now just get those boards on batchPCB out the door and I’ll be a happy camper!

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