Meet the SparkFun RTK Express

An upgraded version of the RTK Surveyor is now available for pre-order!

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Back in December we released the SparkFun RTK Surveyor, an easy to use GNSS receiver for centimeter-level positioning protected by a sturdy plastic enclosure for the brobdingnagian wilds. This surveying device was specifically developed by Coloradans for hikes in the Rockies, but can be used by anyone looking for a more economical GNSS Surveyor. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about creating boards, modules and widgets like these. We've learned quite a bit from the RTK Surveyor and are happy to bring you its newest iteration: Meet the SparkFun RTK Express!

SparkFun RTK Express


The SparkFun RTK Express is perfect for surveying, logging, and all types of post processing. This preprogrammed device can also be used for autonomous driving, navigation, asset tracking and any other application where there is a clear view of the sky. The RTK Express can also be used as a base station. With the press of a button, two RTK Expresses can be used to create an RTK system capable of 14 mm horizontal positional accuracy. The built-in Bluetooth® connection via an ESP32 WROOM enables the user to use the RTK Express with their choice of GIS application on a phone or tablet. The built-in battery allows for over five hours of field use, and is compatible with common USB battery banks.

We took all the lessons from RTK Surveyor and built RTK Express. The RTK Express is built upon the same ZED-F9P u-blox receiver as the original RTK Surveyor, so you can expect the same incredible performance and rich feature set. The embedded display allows for immediate feedback of horizontal positional accuracy, satellites in view, logging status, survey-in status, battery level, MAC, etc. The rocker switches found on the original have been replaced by keypad buttons. We increased the battery to 1300 mAh for longer run time. The internal switches have been replaced by a digital mux, allowing for some really exciting applications including event triangulation. More ESD protection was added to protect the RF path, and we even threw in an accelerometer for digital leveling in the field.

The SparkFun RTK Express is currently available for pre-order. The first batch of orders are expected to be fulfilled by late June and in the order they are received. If you are ordering this product alongside "live/in-stock" products and want to receive these products ASAP, be sure to designate your order for split shipments in checkout. Please keep in mind that, due to global supply chain interruptions, this initial ship date could slide back or forward, but we will do everything in our power to keep to the initial ship date as possible.

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