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What can you do with 10F?

We're not sure either - but we can't wait to find a project for these new 10F super caps.

Sorry to tantalize you, but we just can't wait to post some of the brand new products from SFE!

The Logomatic from Spark Fun Electronics uses a simple serial interface to record up to 1gig of data onto SD media.

The 6DOF v3 is coming soon. This latest version now runs at 3.3V, uses the IDG300 dual gyro sensors, the MMA7260Q triple axis accelerometer, and a HMC1052L dual axis magnetometer.

New Video Boards from Hitt Consulting allow a user to easily display text over video feeds and more!

New SPI LED display from Hitt as well!

LIS3LV02DQ is a new triple axis accelerometer with a pure digital interface. Sometimes I2C or SPI is more favorable than the standard analog interface.  The breakout board is about 2 weeks away!

New wireless video camera - not much has changed. This one is with out audio and a bit cheaper.

The GM862 USB Eval boards are back in stock. Now with a mini-USB connector and a Python script enable switch.

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