Project from Tomorrow Lab: Using the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P with Raspberry Pi for Office Automation

Tomorrow Lab and Silicon Labs got together to build a Matter-based project to make your office accommodate your personal preferences with the scan of your RFID card! This build combines an awesome physical enclosure with cool electronics - the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter board, Raspberry Pi, sensors, Qwiic, and an OLED Screen

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In its latest "Potentially Genius®" video, Tomorrow Lab® worked with Silicon Labs® to build the "Office Universal Regulation System." This project uses the SparkFun® Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P, which combines Matter and SparkFun’s Qwiic® ecosystem, as well as a Raspberry Pi® 4.

The video walks through Tomorrow Lab's design process, which ultimately results in the development of a controller that automatically adjusts temperature and light based on personal preferences when someone scans their RFID badge. Many thanks to DigiKey® for sponsoring this project!

Tomorrow Lab takes us through their design process using the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P and Raspberry Pi

Want to Learn More About the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board?

Last year, SparkFun collaborated with Silicon Labs to produce the first easily accessible Matter board on the market - it is designed to make the development of Matter-based IoT devices much easier.

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P


Continued Commitment to Making Matter Accessible

Silicon Labs, along with partners, continues to work vigorously to bring down barriers of entry for developing with Matter. Since our initial launch, much work has been done to help developers get started:

Are you developing with Matter? We would love to hear more about the progress you are making - please leave a comment!

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    I noticed that Rob has an interesting collection of games on his bookshelf, though I didn't spot one of my favorite games: Dominion. Unfortunately, the box for my other favorite game, Stoner Fluxx, would be too small to spot in the background.

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