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Make It Tweet!

Check out this cool entry to Adafruit's "Make It Tweet" contest.

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A while back, our friends over at Adafruit and Instructables teamed up to offer a new contest called "Make It Tweet." Just recently, they announced the winners! The grand prize winner was a very cool project that uses some SparkFun parts called the Thermal Tweeter. Send a tweet to @dangerousproto and watch it print below!

The Thermal Tweeter uses a SparkFun thermal printer and a web platform internet development board. It does not use a PC connection to query Twitter or to run the printer. Rather, a serial port on the web platform outputs serial data to the printer RX pin at 19200bps. Tweets, user names, and IDs are extracted via a JSON search.

This is a very cool project that is low-cost (about $90 or so to make) and relatively simple to implement! You can read more about the project at their website. Great work!

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