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Check out the Bright Bunny tutorial.

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Today we have a great tutorial on the SparkFun Bright Bunny Kit. The Bright Bunny Kit is a great introductory kit that explores the world of e-textiles as well as basic embedded electronics. It makes a great gift for a young DIYer but is also a fun little project for any electronics enthusiast.

The Bright Bunny is a basic electronics kit that has a few components that allow the bunny's belly to light up when you move the carrot close to its mouth. In this tutorial, we guide you through the task of putting together your Bright Bunny and also help show you ways you can get creative and make your Bright Bunny unique. Check it out!

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  • Hmm–only one comment so far. I bet if the bunny’s tummy had exploded when the carrot was brought near it’s mouth, you would have garnered a LOT more interest… :D

  • great! you get an internet high five!

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