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AVC Spectator Reminder

The AVC is coming in June - are you going to attend?

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The SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition (or AVC, for short) has kind of become our signature event. 2012 will mark the fourth time we have held the event and this year is shaping up to be the best yet. For starters, we have moved the event from the unpredictable Colorado spring-time to June 16th, smack dab in the remarkably predictable and sunny Colorado summer.The weather will likely be awesome.

While competitor entries have been sold out for sometime (you can still be added to the waitlist, if you so desire), we welcome anyone and everyone to attend as a spectator. There will be food, fun, and autonomous vehicles running wild at SparkFun HQ - what more could you ask for?! We do request that if you are going to attend as a spectator you register at our EventBrite page. It's free and it helps us get an idea of numbers so we can plan the day accordingly. We hope to see you there and will post more reminders as the date approaches!

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  • Will you be able to broadcast this on Justin.tv or Ustream for those of us who live far away?

    "I don't normally watch sports, but when I do, I watch the Sparkfun AVC" -- I want to be able to say that

    • We broadcast live on Ustream last year, and are planning on an even bigger and better broadcast this year. Stay tuned!

      • Could you get the cameraman to PLEASE not play with the effects this time though? It's distracting in the middle of an interview: "So, how has your performance matched up with your expectations?" black and white "Pretty well, actually, sepia hasn't gone into the pond too pixellation many times."

        • Sorry about that, Bill. That particular problem was because that camera automatically powered up in "demo mode" (it did all that stuff by itself!) and nobody knew what was going on. We did fix it when we had a minute. This year will be better; we're getting all-new equipment that will be used the rest of the year in the classroom. Thanks for watching!

  • Me: Hey dad can we go to Colorado on June 16th? Dad:....what devious plots do you have? Me: I want to go to the AVC at Sparkfun Dad: No Al haha we cant go to Colorado for a day to go to Sparkfun Me: what if I build the plain to get there Dad: Fine can I have the parts to fly there lol

  • http://tacocopter.com/

  • My availability and network speed change to sometimes nothing. Would it be possible to make a DVD including the race, interviews as how some people resolve problems. Kind of a tutorial for the beginner. I am just a beginner here and have limited mechanical ability for tiny things but better at large things but afraid of creating Frankinstien..... thanks for your time

  • last year the broadcast was disappointing. required flash, and then when I did get to a PC... I give the cameraman credit for trying, but I hope they get a cameraman(by trade) this year.

    That said, I've been looking forward to this since last year!

  • Let's do it! Will u guys give out some gifts? Then some of my friends will be interested:) thanks guys

  • The AVC is on June 16th this year, seems a bit early for most spectators to be planning, don't you think?

    • I'd rather plan early than late. June is vacation time for a lot of people.

    • We've had people travel from all over the place to make the AVC part of a "Colorado vacation." Figure early notice is always best!

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