Breath of Fresh Air

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Our apologies for all the bumps on the road. We've successfully moved to our new happy server! The support forum is back! We are very sorry it was down so long. should now be back and ready to roll.

A few new products to celebrate...

A very simple breakout board for the LM4970. This I2C device pulses LEDs in time with an analog source like music. Perfect for case mods and fun visual displays.

This is a nice compact product from Olimex. MSP-Solar has a solar panel that outputs a moderate 80mA, but has a AA battery holder and step-up circuitry to 3.3V. What do you get? A simple renewable power supply.

Speaking of power supplies, these new 5V output DC-DC power supplies provide your project with a clean 5V running off of just 1 or 2 AA batteries! Beautifully simple.

Olimex has released another MOD board as well. This nRF24L01 based transceiver is meant to couple to the 'MOD' connector on many of the new Olimex boards. While it's just like our MiRF and MiRF v2 products, it does have some good information and example code that users can utilize.

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