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We've been dying to get these new toys posted!

This is the USB to serial Nike+iPod adapter. This device allows you to connect a iPod receiver to your computer over USB. The user can then 'listen' for foot pod data and IDs. Very handy for creating an access controlled cat door.

It's new. It's pricey. But oh is it cool. The new Arduino Bluetooth? board allows you to wirelessly communicate with your Arduino project. You can even bootload over the air!

The breakout board for the SHT15 is complete! Simple and small, you can now have accurate humidity and temperature on your next weather station.

New GPS antenna with MCX termination. Why do we carry a MCX terminated antenna when we have no GPS device that uses MCX? It's coming. Just wait. It's a big one.

Many power supplies are back in stock including this 15V 1A switcher. Perfect for those power hungry projects.

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