Maker Faire 2012

We came, we saw, we met the makers.

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Well, it's been a busy month here at SparkFun, but now that the dust has settled from another great AVC, let's look back on our adventures at this year's Maker Faire San Mateo! 

Vimeo version here.
We sent 12 employees to California in May to check out the madness -- we met people who made giant, flame-throwing umbrellas, invented methane-detecting hats, and…this guy. Unfortunately we weren't able to bring our soldering workshops to the event this year, but we did give a nod back to our maker roots and brought several employee projects for people to try out. We met a ton of amazing creators, took a lot of photos, and had an all-around great, geeky time! 
A huge thanks to everyone who came by the booth to say hi and check out our inventions! A small group of SparkFun representatives will be attending the New York Maker Faire from September 29-30, and we hope to see you there!

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