Arduino + Silicon Labs Make Matter More Accessible

With Arduino and SiLabs unveiling their 2 phase project for Matter at CES, the promise of a unifying communication protocol gets that much closer to being a reality.

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In the world of Home Automation IoT, perhaps no new technology has made a bigger splash than the rollout of Matter - a communication protocol that promises interoperability and unification in what is generally considered a frustratingly messy ecosystem. For all its promise though, full adoption of Matter is a wide-scale effort that continues to need industry buy in in order to succeed. What great news then to hear about Arduino entering the arena when they announced yesterday that,

"At CES 2024, Arduino and SiLabs have revealed the first phase of their ambitious project. This phase marks the release of an extremely user-friendly Arduino library tailored for the Matter protocol, alongside the Arduino core for SiLabs microcontrollers. This integration into the Arduino IDE is a significant leap forward, making advanced IoT development more accessible than ever."

Last year, we worked with Silicon Labs to release the Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P, which just so happens to be the the perfect tool to try out Arduino on Matter! Make sure to let us know if you come with any cool projects!

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P


We will keep you updated with any new guides, tutorials, or projects we develop around Matter and Arduino. Until then, a note from our CEO Glenn on this announcement.

“We are thrilled with the continued adoption of Matter to support IoT applications. The Matter implementation in Arduino has been a massive undertaking and it will make Matter even more accessible for engineers, creators, and innovators across the globe. This is another major step forward in interoperability and improving our daily interactions with the devices we have come to reply upon.”

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